Frequent Questions


When comparing quotes, the difference in prices between products can be overwhelming. When making the decision that best suits your budget, there are a few important things to consider:

what are the product warranties?

Your solar PV retailer will provide a manufacturer’s warranty on the products. The warranty period will often vary between the panels, inverter and other system components. Clean Energy Council Approved Retailers have committed to provide a five-year whole of-system warranty.

Will the solar PV retailer be able to honour these warranties?

If the solar PV retailer goes out of business, your warranties could become invalid. In this case, you will need to contact the importer or manufacturer directly to arrange repair or replacement. Make sure you have their details too.

Does the manufacturer have a service office in Australia?

Manufacturers that have support offices in Australia, or dedicated importers/registered agents of the products may offer better backup support if a component fails.

Are the PV modules and inverter Clean Energy Council-approved?

All PV modules and inverters must meet Australian Standards and be on the Clean Energy Council-approved list in order to be eligible for any government rebates.

Are the PV modules imported through an approved channel?

Be wary of PV modules that may not have been imported through channels approved by the PV module manufacturer.

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The manufacturer may not honour the warranty in this case. Check with your retailer who the importer was and whether they are approved by the manufacturer.


To be eligible for government incentives, both the designer and installer of your solar PV system must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council. The Clean Energy Council’s accreditation scheme ensures that accredited designers and installers of solar PV power systems have undergone the necessary professional training, adhere to Australian Standards and follow industry best practice. For a list of accredited professionals, please see consumers/find-an-installer Accreditation is given to the individual tradesperson who comes to your home to install your solar system, not the solar PV retailer
. You may need to get back in contact with the company to check if the designer and installer they are using are accredited. An accredited installer can easily be identified by their use of the Clean Energy Council accreditation logo. Ask to see the installer’s accreditation ID card when they show up at your home.