Solar power inverters

Solar panels aren’t the only component you should think about when you assess your solar system devices….

Solar power inverters perform a somewhat important role in a solar system; they are the most critical asset in a solar system itself. It is essential that a house or building wouldn’t have the benefits to convert any energy to supply your property without this.

Mostly, it’s tough to understand what a solar system is, technically how it works, but the main thing you need to be aware that when you have one, make sure it runs efficiently.

When you have a suitable inverter, it will determine the efficiency in the long run; an efficient inverter can minimize losses and give you the best solar output, and will drop your bill a lot quicker.

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The following is an example of how solar power inverters are used in a solar system…

The photovoltaic cells on a solar panel will generate energy and send it to the inverter. Then, it is the turn for the inverter to transform that direct energy (dc) into alternating current (ac), which is what we use in our homes.

In other words, it converts the electricity your solar panel generates into a form that the appliances, power, and lighting can use, and other electronics that are in your home or, if you’re producing more electricity than you need, it can feedback into the grid.

Please have in mind that…

The extra energy you send to the grid is what you will get pay from retailers; you will need to do your homework to find out what retailer will give you the max for your export. They always vary from time to time. However, an indication will be between 8 cents to 20 cents export.

Another suggestion about solar power inverters is that…

It is better to get an inverter big enough to cover the cost of your power consumption and take more panels in the future if your electricity rates increase. Furthermore, you can be prepared for the future and not spending your money on another inverter later down the track to do that job for you.

Be wise about inverters and don’t get caught on a small solar system; as technology gets better every day, inverters become more efficient.

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All our Premium Inverters are approved by Clean Energy Council. The warranties on inverters these days extend to 10-12 years; some companies offer customers a way to extend this period up to 20 years for your peace of mind.