Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage

If you’re considering a new solar power system, you need to weigh the potential advantages of battery storage system for your situation. Battery storage allows you to store excess solar energy that you generate from your solar panels. “Guide to evaluating and buying a solar battery

Instead of sending this solar energy into the grid and receiving a low feed-in fee, you can choose to store your energy in a battery for later use. Without a battery, the electrical grid acts as your storage mechanism, and the electricity you use at night time will be added to your bill. Only you must pay much more for electricity! For off-grid systems, batteries are a must as the grid is not available; For grid-connected systems, batteries can be financially viable and advantageous to your pocket becomes a significant asset as this is your home.

During the day, you can only use a fraction of the available solar power your system generates. Without some external way to capture all this unused solar energy, you’re either throwing it away or selling it back to the power grid.


A solar battery allows you to store electricity for use at night, at times of heavy power consumption, or during other periods when you may not have as much sunlight as you need to keep up with your power demands.

There are four main reasons why you might consider battery storage:

  • To save money
  • To use your solar power at night
  • For backup power
  • Energy independence

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