We Install Battery Storage System in Brisbane

Our Company is on the look for this new Technology available in Australia for Customers to take advantage of this in Future. Battery Storage System Technology will allow customers to back up their Energy and use it on peak demand at night time, there are many types and sizes that can suit the customers need, some inverters come with battery bank build in as a complete unit, big companies like Tesla, Sony, Samsung, LG, have develop their battery backup systems, ABB, SMA, Growatt Schneider have also their product. AGL is the first major retailer that has launched battery storage, here is an easy way to show how it works.

Grid connect system is a system that has an array of Solar Panels mounted on your roof in a string in series configuration, the panels will start generating Energy that runs through an inverter, the inverter has the capability of converting DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current)  Electricity to your home. The energy from the solar system will get consumed adequately into your home appliances during the day, but as the energy its getting drawn or used by the customer, the left over energy will start charging a bank of battery storage that will start accumulating the excess power generated by the Panels and charge a batteries for later use at night, to allow customers to use there stored energy on peak hours.

Peak hours means when you wake up in the morning (around 5 30 am) the sun hasn’t come out yet and the electricity that you start using is purely from the grid at a high rate, oven, microwave, kettle, toaster, air conditioner on reverse cycle, sandwich press, etc., are been used and consuming at a large kilowatt rate, peak hour become in the morning. Peak hour comes again at night as you arriving from work (5 -6 pm) the sun again has gone , and you start using your electricity to do your dinner, again using appliances like, oven, microwave , electric cook tops and heaters ,etc., then peak out comes out again to high electricity rate, the way of improving this behaviour that sometimes are part of our life is to have this battery storage system that allows you to draw this energy on your peak demands and compensates the usage of early day and later night, this will depend on the amount of kw system you need for your home, this dramatically reflex on your bill, as you no longer paying the 26 cents per kilowatt but your owned stored energy.

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