Switchboard upgrades

What is an electric switchboard?

Switchboard upgrades – An electric switchboard is a device that directs electricity from one or more sources of supply to multiple circuits for usage in a home, business, or other property. An electric switchboard consists of one or more panels, each containing different switches that allow electricity distribution to different areas. For instance, when you turn on your living room light, your switchboard is the one that sends electricity to ensure your light turns on.

Electric switchboards get a large amount of power from one or more sources and distribute smaller amounts to different circuits. As a result, electric switchboards have controls that monitor the power distribution process, including load sharing controls and gauges mounted onto the panel to control the power supply, limiting the amount of power on a particular circuit.

What is a switchboard upgrades?

A switchboard upgrade is when your boost your electrical current or cater to higher electrical demand.

Switchboard upgrades
Switchboard upgrades
Switchboard upgrades
Switchboard upgrades

Do I need to upgrade the switchboard?

There are some reasons as to why your switchboard may need upgrading as you make additions to your home, acquire new appliances or the unit becomes too old. However, the most important is safety.

When your switchboard is not the appropriate size, or it is older than 20 years, this can cause electrical overload, lights constantly flickering, constant tripping, electric shock, or sparks when a plug connects into a PowerPoint. All are safety hazards and can be a fire risk. Other reasons include:

  • Older switchboards are not compliant with current regulations.
  • Asbestos on switchboards.
  • Mains are too small to supply larger loads, such as pool and air condition.
  • A lot of intelligent meters require newer switchboards to work correctly.
  • Solar system installations require new switchboards to run effectively.
  • The purpose of switchboard upgrades is to increase electrical workloads.
  • The upgraded switchboard can manage the electricity load effectively; thus, it reduces the chance of your circuit breaker’s tripping.

An appropriately licensed and qualified electrician must complete switchboard upgrades, so our experts will be more than happy to help you!

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We offer this service of Upgrading Switchboard to comply with Electrical Standards and Regulations. I-Tech Electrical will supply a 2 year warranty on any workmanship.