Most people would say, what’s Micro Inverters?

Micro Inverters Let’s say a normal Grid Connect Solar system is designed of a string of panels in series connected to an inverter that converts dc (direct Current) into ac (alternating Current) Energy that we use at home.

In regards to Micro-Inverters, they are design to replace the big Inverter that gets mounted on a wall, every single module (dc) will be converted individually into (ac) Electricity. With every panel connected in parallel, they will operate independently from each other.

Micro Inverter makes them Reliable and Very Power Efficient, they include communication hardware and software that enables customers to monitor each panel Performance .this permits the solar system be optimised in every way.

If you are a person that has problems with shading in your house, this will be the best Solar system to install in your premises.

These are some benefit of Micro Invertes for customers:

  • Greater reliability
  • Greater safety
  • Longer warranty periods
  • Greater Energy Harvest
  • Panel Monitoring
  • Modularity
  • Lower Impact from Partial Shading

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