Government Rebates

Together the State and Federal Governments provide Government  Rebates to domestic, commercial and rural Grid Connect Installs. These come in 2 forms of assistance when installing a solar power system;

1-You can get a reduction when you purchase your solar system, our company will discount the Recs (Renewable Energy Certificates) this can be traded for a point of discount.

Discounts are available from the first 1.5 kilowatts (kW) of capacity installed. You are eligible for the standard 1:1 rate of RECS creation.

2-Sell your excess power from your solar system, that means any excess power that your system will generate goes as a credit, then your energy retailer will pay you an back what you have sent to the grid, it get recorded on your meter and will show up on your electricity bill. Check with your retailer what contribution amount they can pay, usually up to 12c is paid for units exported to the grid. This can change from different retailers.


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